The International Assignment Profile (IAP)
A new international employee and family assignment productivity and preparation tool.

International Assignment Profile
The facts are in!
Two major independent research projects confirm that the major cause of failed or compromised international assignments is Family Adjustment, which is also reported as the greatest challenge expat employees face on their assignments. Identifying these issues is one of the key features of the IAP.

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International Assignment Profile
The IAP (See what's in a report)  

Increases the human and business success of international assignments by spotting the key issues and pinpointing the weak links or problems that could compromise an international relocation or assignment --while there is still time to plan and prevent problems.

Is the only instrument available that provides a detailed list of EXACTLY what issues need to be addressed and what planning needs to be done to provide expat family support and insure the success of the assignment.


Announcing our new product: the PIL: Preparation for International Living!

The PIL is a shorter and more focused version of the IAP, designed for coaches and relocation counselors and planners. The PIL produces TWO reports, one for the family to use as a work sheet and planning guide, and one for the counselor, listing the family information and a prioritized ranking of issues and problems that need to be addresssed to make the assignment successful. MORE INFORMATION WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON!

Works in conjunction with cross cultural training programs- it does not replace, duplicate, or compete with them! Can be used as both an expat selection and expat family preparation tool.

"Supports in" rather than screens out expat candidates, thus maintaining a larger expat applicant pool!

  • For the Employee it means more QUALITY TIME ON JOB!

  • For the Family it means security, less stress, and a more satisfying experience.

  • For the Manager it means employees who arrive ready to go and focused on work.

  • For the Company it means reduced risk from a compromised or failed assignment, and a directly transmitted sense of care and support for your employees on international assignment.



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